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Sapphires pt. 2
"I did end up going first."
Xephos's chuckle turned into a cough. Honeydew had been at Xephos's side since he fell ill.
"I wish we could go together..." Honeydew said as he ran his fingers over Xephos's hand.
Xephos shook his head.
"It's not your time yet."
"Well it shouldn't have been your time either!" he interjected. "The only reason you're dying is because of your planet! It's not fair!"
Xephos held the dwarf's hand tighter. "Come now, you're not five. But I know. Be strong for me though. Live out the rest of your life, keep that jolly laugh of yours, and when it's time...we'll find each other."
"Y-you'd better save a first class spot for me wherever you're going!" Honeydew tried to joke. 
Yet tears ran down the self-proclaimed comedian's face.
And then what Honeydew thought was impossible happened.
Xephos's brilliant blue eyes dimmed, and went dark.
He gently reached over and closed them.
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A Friendly Gesture
(A/N: My first Marvel/Thor/Avengers fic! In this Thor and Loki are around 10-12ish years old in Earth terms.)
As usual, Loki was reading. Then, he was interrupted by Thor. Again.
"Ugh!" his brother growled as he slammed the pile of books he was holding onto the table making it shake.
Loki exhaled slowly. "What?" he snapped once he calmed his annoyance.
"Why is history so boring?" Thor whined.
Loki scoffed, "Boring? You're the one who sits up front when warriors tell their tales and beg for 'one more story' at two in the morning."
Thor plopped himself down in the chair across from his brother with so much exaggeration that he probably burned off his energy from lunch just by doing that.
"That's because its interesting!" he replied simply. "If all of history were wars and battles, then it'd be easy. But no, I have to know the treaties we've made, how many people were born, how; I don't know- how many potatoes we
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Mareep card by Meew3 Mareep card :iconmeew3:Meew3 1 0
The only thing sight can see is what they show.
Our minds can try to see below,
but we never know if we're right.
Until its too late.
The trust I saw in him fades into mirage.
The trust I placed in her shatters again and again, until there are no pieces left to pick up.
And even if there were- why bother?
Don't breathe life into those who don't want to live.
You broke my trust over and over again.
So don't raise your hand for my trust again.
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You keep telling us its just a game.
We aren't stupid. That's the whole reason why you wanted us.
It stopped being a game when you threw away the rules. It never was a game from the very beginning.
Making children hate each other.
Isolating the best of us, so they never get tainted by friendship, compassion or love.
It stopped being a game when we have to draw blood to protect ourselves.
When there's nothing on our minds but fighting.
With your little mind game probing at our secrets,
when you cut off our connection with our families.
Drilling us until we break.
It stopped being a game a long time ago.
Only now,
everyone knows.
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Waiting for a Reply
*Spoilers for Sherlock season 3: His Last Vow*

Sherlock has gone away on his six month mission, and yet John can't help himself but to want to at least know where Sherlock is and is trying desperately to contact him even though he would never be able to see him again, he just wants to know that he is okay.
Sherlock if you somehow see this, I hope you're okay. -John
Don't forget to eat Sherlock. -John
How's your work going? Made any progress? -John
Thinking about you. -John
I know you probably won't see any of this...just take care of yourself while I can't okay? -John
Sherlock do you have any contact with Mycroft? -John
The baby was born Sherlock. I'll have to send you a picture of her. She's precious. -John
You are contacting Mycroft, right Sherlock? Tell me something please, I'm your friend. I have a right to know. -John
Please tell me something, anything. I need to know you're okay. - John
Molly asked about you today. Then she remembered and fled befor
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Strong: Skylord_Vitali X Israphel
    I've always wanted to fly. Feel the wind, even see the sun. It wasn't long until I realized that I was different. My parents had been undead too, but who knows what happened them. When my wings grew, I flew all night without a care in the world. When people started becoming suspicious to why I was never up during the day unfortunately I had to cut back my flying time to stay awake during the day. I couldn't do it. I needed to fly, I craved it nearly as much as blood. Then I heard of the Skylords. Not exactly the same as flying on your own power, but it was the closest I could get, and there was shade under they're flying machines! I could finally see what it was like to fly during the day! All I wanted to do was become a Skylord and live a normal life.
But that wasn't meant to be.
My thirst for blood became too much, I drank my village dry. When there was no one left I moved onto the next village. And the next, and the next, desperately trying to get to Skyhold.
:iconmeew3:Meew3 2 2
Smile Sherlock! (colored) by Meew3 Smile Sherlock! (colored) :iconmeew3:Meew3 3 18
Sapphires pt. 1
"Man, it's been awhile since we actually went mining. I've missed it, it's very relaxing." said Honeydew as he swung his pickaxe happily.
Xephos chuckled. "Well of course, you're a dwarf. The mine is like your second home!"
"Yea- look out!" The dreaded hiss that every Minecraftian dreaded was followed by the more dreaded explosion. The two friends free-fell and landed with a loud splash some twenty meters down. Gasping for breath they resurfaced.
"Well that's just fantastic." came Honeydew's scorn voice.
It was pitch black. Feeling their way around they managed to crawl out of the cove. Xephos checked the part of his bag where he kept his torches. He cursed under his breath.
"What is it mate? Y'know other than the fact that we just fell into like, ice cold water." he added jokingly. Xephos however was dead serious. "The torches won't work anymore." he whispered.
"Oh. Buggar, well I'm sure we'll find some coal soon-"
Bright light of blue lit up the cave. The dwarf gasped. He tu
:iconmeew3:Meew3 5 5
Gylfie's Story (Guardians of Ga'Hoole)
    Gylfie a small elf owl flew to the library in the Great Tree. This was her favorite place in the entire tree. She taught the Navigational chaw now since Strix Struma the old ryb that had died in the battle of the siege against the Pure Ones. It was nearly dawn when she settled down to plan what she would do with her next class, then she saw one of her best students come in. Her name was Firtha she was a pygmy owl and was up quite late, considering she just got back from visiting her father in the Northern Kingdoms.
“Yes, what do you need Firtha?” she asked.
“Well uh I was wondering… How exactly did you meet Soren and the rest of The Band?”
‘The Band’ was what everyone at the tree called Soren, Gylfie, Twilight and Digger because they came to the Great Tree together as orphans. Gylfie was shocked; no owl had asked her such a personal question before. Firtha noticed because she quickly added
“You don’t have to
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To Protect Myself
A/N: Sherlock drabble contains spoilers. We all know that Sherlock's friends would be willing to sacrifice themselves to save him, and he would do the same, but perhaps an extra motive made his decision final. Can be read as Johnlock.

Why did I do it? Why did I pretend to die, and let you go on living while you grieved for me? Why didn't I let you take my place? In truth, I was just protecting myself. Like I always have.
"I don't understand. Do you have any idea what it was like!? To believe that the man I owed so much to, was dead?"
"No of course you don't! You were off and away in some other county doing god knows what!"
"I tried to give you hints on my survival- but they had to be subtle or Morarity's people would target you again."
"Oh well I'm so sorry that I don't usually look for hints of survival when I see my best friend jump off a roof! And I don't care if they targeted me!" John let out a long ex
:iconmeew3:Meew3 1 28
Cold Heart: Xephos X Israphel
Israphel didn't want to admit it, but the Spaceman was a decent foe. He also knew that was an understatement. Xephos was an excellent swordsman- no one in Israphel's army could match his sword skills with their own. There was a sort of obsession between the Spaceman and the Dark Lord. They always watched with much interest to see what the other would do next. When one pushes aside the reason for the conflict, you can see a sort of competition. Seeing who could get ahead, seeing who was smarter, who was better. Although it was mostly one-sided. Whenever Israphel got a report of a defeat, he'd analyze that battle. Over and over, until he found out what he did wrong- and how he could win the next time. Although he soon found out that Xephos never used the same strategy twice. He was smarter than that. If he ever repeated a tactic, Israphel could easily recognize it and find a way to counter. He was frustrated. No matter what he did, Xephos seemed to find some<
:iconmeew3:Meew3 10 26
Childhood: Fumblemore X Israphel
"What's that zer talkin' about? O'll Izzy? Ahhhh yes." The wizard's eyes flooded with memory. Then clearly speaking for once, he began to tell his tale.
    Israphel wasn't always known as the 'pale-faced man'. No he used to be a human just like you and me. We grew up together. In Terrorvale. His dad as, you may or may not know, was Reverend_John. He wasn't nice to him. Rumors were he practiced black magic and forced him to do so also. One day when all the children were out playing, some of my friends dared me to go question him about it. So I did. I said, "Hey Israphel, is it true that your dad does magic?" His face, bright at first, to someone talking to him, darkened as he avoided contact. "N-none of your business." The other kids snorted and laughed. Now even back then I had an interest in magic. I thought it was cool, and I told him so. "Y-you like magic?" he looked at me as if I was crazy. Crazier than I am now. And that was a start of a new friendship. W
:iconmeew3:Meew3 4 6
The Other Worlds
It was another peaceful day in StarClan. The birds were chirping, cats were hunting and sharing tongues. It had been moons since the battle with the Dark Forest. But some scars would never heal.
    Hollyleaf was sitting alone under a large oak tree. She was glad she was free. She was away from the lies, away from the battles, away from her past. She missed her brothers. She knew that Lionblaze and Jayfeather were grieving. They had lost her soon after she returned. Se missed Cinderheart, but was glad she had found happiness with Loionblaze. She knew Jayfeather was restless and missed the Ancient cat Half Moon. Hollyleaf herself missed Fallen Leaves. Although his sprit was finally freed from the tunnels, he belonged to his Clan. No. His Tribe. Hollyleaf sighed. It was a shame that some worlds were just not meant to cross paths. She sighed again. Just like the Clans , if they only accepted their differences, they could achieve so muc
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Monsters: Creeper_Boss X Israphel
    Although others see you as my underling, I know you are more. Ever since I first met you trapped in that abandoned laboratory, I knew we would be together for a long time yet. They did terrible things to you, created and morphed you into something no one had seen before. But you and I, we were alike. Everyone looked at us and saw monsters. But I saw you as a powerful being with great possibility. I remember once you tried to help a villager child when it tripped. The child, in turn, screamed while the parent left scars that you still bear. I made them pay for what they did. I knew you didn't agree with it, but I didn't care. You didn't deserve that. As you looked at me in horror, I told you how you must destroy before they destroy you. You saved my life countless times- you had more strength and loyalty than anyone else. 
    We could get rid of this abomination of a world together; I asked if you would join me. Any emotio
:iconmeew3:Meew3 4 7
Yogscast Insert: A Deal pt. 2 (Deny)
You made your decision with minutes to spare. You plan out everything you are going to say, you have to stay strong and show no hesitance. Perhaps you could still get away with your life. When he returned you stood and met his crimson eyes.
"I've made my decision." he lets you continue.
"And I've decided to decline. It was a generous offer, and I am honored that you think I am worthy, but I cannot say yes."
You pause. He hasn't attacked you yet so that's a good sign.
"There are others. Other people out there trying to undo what you have done. And I cannot be part of that destruction. I cannot have that blood on my hands."
Everything seems to come to a standstill. He doesn't even blink as the silence lingers on. You inwardly pray you played your cards right.
"You will never have a chance like this again." he warns.
"I am aware."
"Very well." 
    Some guards come in and start escorting you back to your cell. You look over your shoulder to see the Dark Lord hadn'
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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? Like 4 years or something.

  2. What does your username mean? Mew the Pokémon. I've just had this username forever so why not?

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Geeky, creative, curious.

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  5. What was your first deviation?

    My Life of Fear: 1*Please read description first*
    "S-so what's my assignment Tigerclaw?" I asked nervously.
    Please don't give me something impossible
    Tigerclaw rolled his eyes at his apprentice as if he were as stupid as a beetle. "Get prey obviously." he snapped. I flinched, but remembered what Firepaw had said about standing up for myself. "I know that Tigerclaw, but is there any specific place you want me to hunt?" I asked tentatively. "Who said anything about hunting?" "Wh-what?" "Follow me." Tigerclaw growled as he disappeared into the gorse tunnel.
    Oh no. What did I do?
    No other cat was watching the exchange. I had no choice but to follow his dark tabby pelt through the undergrowth.
    We arrived at the Thunderpath that bordered ShadowClan's territory. Tigerclaw flicked his tail and pointed across the border. "You assignment..." he said icily. "What!?" "Cross the Thunderpath and hunt ShadowClan prey."

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Writing or Oil pastels

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? BEING ABLE TO JUST SKETCH WOULD BE A BLESSING

  8. What was your first favourite? Yogemon - Deerling InTheLittleWood by RatherPeculiarBecause Yogmon.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Everything. Oh okay- I'd say digital.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Nuuuu don't make me decide! Depends on what type of art.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? Me rp pals and such.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? All of them, I think about ya guys often ^.^

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Microsoft word, Oil Pastels, and oil paint.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? Nature.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? RPing and chatting with fellow Deviants and getting feedback on my writing. (especially ones that say "OMG WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!)

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